Christmas Dinner!

For my family’s Christmas dinner we went to CAV, a wine bar and restaurant which we like going to. I usually order pasta or whatever meat there was ala carte but during that night I simply could not resist the Christmas pre-fixed menu!

All the dishes sounded a bit too rich and snobbish but to my surprise 2 out of the 3 course dishes that I ordered were perfectly balanced and did not kill my tongue in any way. 

Variations of Foie Gras salad

- had bits foie gras, pate, gingerbread crumbs, lemon confit, and dried fruits 

While I had my doubts about ordering foie gras (goose liver) since it was just so heavy and rich, the whole dish in itself was so balanced and complicated. The Liver went really well with the gingerbread crumbs and none of the flavors overlapped each other; being the starter for the course, this dish just made my night. 

Poached Sole

- crispy burnt black rice, portobello mushroom bits and champagne sauce

I personally believe that you can never go wrong with sole. While the whole dish gives off the impression that it would be rather bland, the burnt black rice gave the dish that kick that people look for. 

Angus Beef Entrecote

- polenta fries, brussel sprouts and classic bearnaise sauce 

I love my meat, I really do. But it saddens me to say that this was the only dish that I didn’t really enjoy during the dinner. The meat in itself was rather bland and it was like the marinate did not exist. Another weird thing about the meat was that there was tarragon on top of the entrecote as garnish for the dish; the problem here was the moment I reached the middle of my meat there was this awkward burst of tarragon - which didn’t really go well with the meat. Should’ve gotten the duck instead.